Bruce Wayne

2003-01-27 20:46:14 (UTC)

Super Bowl

Only New England fans, more specifically Red Sox fans,
could take such perverse pleasure in another team loosing.
Nearly everyone I spoke to wanted the Raiders to loose.
Personally I wanted them to loose in a close game, due to a
bad call by an official with time running off the clock.
Pats fans have had enough of the bellyaching that Oakland
fans did about the "Tuck " rule. It's funny to hear people
complain about that when this same group of people lament
an October day in 1986 when a ball snuck between Bill
Buckner's legs. Honestly I like the charachter thatt the
Raiders represent, tough bunch of scrappers. Some one's
gotta loose. Congrats to the Bucks!

We had 11 people in all @ the house. Tons of food , tons of
drinks. A good time was had by all. It's been fun having
people over the house to see their reaction. The Porch is
really finishing up nicely. There's just some trim tht
needs a second coat, a bit of Poly urathaning and staining
left to do.

Kyle watched the Super Bowl with his dad. I was both
relieved and disappointed.Initially disapointed because I
thought we might be able to have fun watching the game with
all the guys over, then relieved because I realized thete I
would have probably been disapointed with the outcome had
he been around. When he did come back he watched the end of
the game and I told him to get off to bed. In typical
fashion, he blew me off , resisted going. I quietly made
issue of it and walked him up the stairs. I was seething
because he was pulling this shit infront of our friends.
That's when the snowball effect took over. i startesd
getting pissed about the lack of sincere appology's from
his previous two major fuck ups. He told his mother that if
she was going to force him to interview for a job he was
just going to bomb the interview. He told me he said that
because he was mad that she was presuring him to get a job.
Selfish little boy.

I didn't respond to it immediately, but this morning I left
him with an assignment to define Respect. Two pages on self
respect, respect of : parents, teacheds, step parents ect.
I also asked him to think about appologizing formally for
the actions that have led up to this. This had been
suggested to him previously and he hadn't acted on it.
We'll see if he acts on this or not and how heartfelt the
effort is. In the meantime, report cards will be coming
home anyday.........thrilling!

I can't write too much more about this. I'll be headin home
soon and I want to arive there with a clear head.