2003-01-27 20:34:12 (UTC)

Will Shit For Snakes

Today I was very tired when I got to work, until a coworker
decided to inform me that she has on several occasions
looked in a magazine like National Geographic, seen a
snake, and then lost control of her bowels.
I had no idea what to say to that except for," Yeah, my mom
is the same way."
Well, what would you have said?!?!?!

My name is irrelevant. I live in an unknown sort of big
city. I work at a certain computer technology place, and
cannot say more for fear one of them will find this. I am
in love with a man, and a small child (she belongs to me,
HE does not).

I like my job. A little.
I come everyday though. I am young. But not teenager young.
Drinking age young.
My stories might not be as interesting as the clip above,
but check in every once in a while. It'll do you good.
Who I am kidding. I will be the only one reading this.

Anyhow, the co worker does not know me, so I am not sure
why she decided to tell me a thing like this. I was
disgusted and left wondering if I talked about a snake
would it cause her to lose control of her bowels once more?
So I asked her what she would do if she saw one outside of
our place of business (we are known for having rattlesnakes around
the building when it gets hot) and she gasped so loud I thought I
(and she)
had actually done it! She did not respond to this question
and I am still wondering if she is sitting on skid marks
right now as I type.

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