Reality Check
2001-09-16 17:53:48 (UTC)

If your not smilin, your not livin

I'm dating Jimmy now, and I'm falling fast. Yesterday
(saturday) we spent the whole day together. from 3 in the
mornin to 7-8 at night. we had a field meet for ROTC. we
weren't allowed to sit boy/girl, but he had his arms around
me the whole ride anyways. (he sat behind me). I haven't
told bonnie we're dating yet. she's going to kill me. me
and jimmy were writing back and forth on the bus (since we
couldn't talk cause people have big mouths) and he said he
loved me. He's moving to Tennessee after this year, and he
told me he really wants this to work, even after he leaves,
and that he loves me. it took me 15 minutes to reply back.
after a little discussion we had, i finally wrote and said
that i did love him. it's hard not too. i was feeling bad
at the end of the trip. I had just taken a yellow jacket,
and the first effect is always bad for me. and plus i
didn't want go home....i didn't want to leave him. when we
pulled up into the school parking lot, he leaned over the
seat and put his arms around me and whispered in my ear. it
was right at dusk when the sky is pink and purple and blue
and pretty. he said,"look at the sky. it's just like
you....beautiful." if it was coming from any other guy i
would've joked about how corny of a line that was....
but...you just had to be there.
anyways, i g2g cause mom's about to come and she'll read