Yet Another Average Diary
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2003-01-27 20:18:32 (UTC)

Nothing Great Happening..

(Name's with *'s next to them means I changed the names for

Hey.. I just came back from school. Well.. twenty to twenty-
five minutes ago, but still... Anyhoot, nothing great
happened. Writer's Workshop was canceled, so I couldn't go.
I wanted to stay afterschool so I could talk to my friend
who was staying. She found out Friday I was bisexual, and
she's been avoiding me. She's my best friend. Don't you
think that's a bit judgemental? Well, Alicia* has been
avoiding me. At lunch it was fun, lol. I love lunch.. It's
when I get to see all meh friends. Well, my friend Katie*
and I went around the whole cafeteria, asking people who
had cans for their can-tops. I'm collecting those.. Don't
ask.. They are fun to collect. And, I'm also waiting until
I have around 150 or something so I can go out to the
dollar store or something and get a leather rope and make a
necklace out of them. :D Fun. lol I'm corny like that..
Making things out of ordinary objects. Anyhow... Still

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