Twin Adventures
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2003-01-27 20:14:24 (UTC)

Quotes O'Corwin

-"Hi Jason this is might remember me, we
used to hang out but whatever, So if you want to call me
back or answer my phone calls you can."-Jac's message

- "I say we just light a match, throw it in your room,
close the door and let your room burn and then rebuild."-

-"Get your fucking head in the toliet."-Jac to Lyndz

-"Tbo, I can't see you, where are you?...Come over here
but go take care of Megan cauz shes sick but I need to see
you, I can't see you."-Lyndz

-"Where the fuck is my shirt??"- Lyndz upon waking
up..."More importantly...where did I get these pants!!!"-

-"I thought it was popurri in the bathroom."-Michele

-"Jason feel my hair..It's chunky"-Lyndz

-"Tbo I'm cold.."-Lyndz, "That's because you threw up on
yourself and your shirts wet."-Tbo "Oh, (takes off her
shirt)"-Lyndz "Here put this shirt on."-Tbo "No, I'm warm

-"I just want my mom."-Jac crying to Jason n Tbo

-"I want my sister..."-Lyndz lyin on the bathroom floor

-"Aw crap...I don't have any towel left!!"-Tbo upon
cleaning the aerobed outside while the resident director
walks by...he had to hold onto the throw up part of the

More to be added later....

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