Screaming Cathedrals
2001-09-16 17:48:00 (UTC)


Well... I talked to Ed today about the situation. He read
my online journal (and is probably reading this also *waves
to her audience*) and we talked.

It's for the best... a long distance thing wouldn't have
ever worked. Like I told him... I need something real that
I can hold on to. Tom is an amazing guy.. I have a really
good feeling about him.. which is odd, because usually when
I get interested in someone... I get bad "vibes", or
whatever, from them... and I get none from him at all.

Maybe I'm just being silly... we'll see.

I'm really hyped up about the new System of a Down cd.. it
makes me happy! :)
I love track #9... It's so beautiful. Okay, well that's all
for now folks.. I'll be writing more later.