~*have you ever made out in dark hallway
2001-02-19 16:11:47 (UTC)

I have to go visit my insane..

I have to go visit my insane aunt today in tiverton, i cant
stand her, she has this one guy that she was "in love" with
and its more obsessed with and the only time she was happy
was when he was around.. I cant stand it. Lately they are
back together, now everytime she gets drunk and they have a
fight she tells him to get out and he does.. SO now shes
all depressed that he left and its retarded really. SHe is
supposed to go to FLorida on Thursday to see my 4 little
cousins she hasnt seen in 3 years and she doesnt want to go
cuz of him...HOW SELFISH IS THAT!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? its
insane and right now im sooo pissed off at her that i just
want her to get hit by a buss...well i have to go...and
Jessie i havent talked to funky but hes on now...WhAT AN
ASS HOLE!!! call me