2001-09-16 17:24:35 (UTC)

Random Thoughts

So many random thoughts are just floating about my head.
There is confusion over friendships and feelings and such.
I am exhusted from the long week and the even longer
weekend. I truly hope I can get my energy up so that I can
finish all my work. Everyone is always getting drunk,
except me. They have the time of their lives and don't
remember it all the next day. How people can do that is
beyond me. I think that is stupid and a little insane.
Lauren is such a great friend, and I love her so much. But
why the hell did she have to ditch me this weekend, and
then try to blame it on me. Then I got overly emotional and
said stupid things and we fought and she called back and we
pretended like nothing happened. Life is so weird. Classes
are going fine, but all of these huge projects and dates to
remember. My eating habits seem disgusting. I think it is
the commons food, LOL. Anyway, I am tired. Goodnight.

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