All The My Lame Life That's Fit To P
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2003-01-27 18:35:46 (UTC)

lazy day

i skipped physics class cause i didn't have the homework
done and i didn't want to sit there like an idiot while
everyone else graded theirs. come to find out, he didn't
even go over the homework today. oh well, at least i have
another chance now. pentateuch was only 15 minutes long
cause my prof had a meeting to get to. i didn't get the
production manager position at the college radio station.
i guess they had a big argument over it though so i don't
feel too bad. in fact, they said the only reason i lost
was cause the other guy had better leadership skills
whereas i had the best computer/production skills. seems
kinda weird but i'll live. they're still gonna give me a
key to the studios and they want me to work with the other
guy. i have one more class today but it won't be hard. my
radio show starts tomorrow at 11. then there's the girl.
i always have to put something in here about a girl. call
me a whiney emo kid if you want. there are some days that
she just seems to radiate. today is one of those days.