Spanky's Baby
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2003-01-27 18:34:00 (UTC)

It's Monday

Well...I haven't seen Spanky in it seems like forever! I
dont' know what I am gonna do when he leaves, cause I love
him so much! I juss know that we will end up being
together forever. But he told me the other day, that he
thought that it would be awesome to wake up with me laying
next to him. How kewl is that?? But yeah, juss the fact
of knowing somone loves me as much as he does makes me feel
like I can never be sad. I also made the greatest friend
ever. Her name is Frankie. She lives in Alabama, but I
talk to her almost everyday, and email her when I can
remember to do that. She is in love juss like me. Next
time she comes down we are both going to plan our wedding
together. I am only 15 and know that I will always be with
Spanky. His real name is Richard, but I mean I met him as
Spanky so that is what I call him! I am about to go home I
guess, I am at school we are supposed to be doing some
research. As you can tell I ain't doing it. But maybe
Spanky will call me on the way home!