No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-01-27 18:16:01 (UTC)

My Weekend-or what you can know

My weekend, or at least what I'll put in here.
Friday. Friday Alisha came over and we went to Adam's house
and hung out with Adam, Christian, and this kid Raymond. We
went to Publix and watched them skateboard and then we got
kicked out of there, so we went to Adam's. Alisha and I
went back to my house before at 7:50 and my mom
was mad. She knew where we were though. She "grounded" me
for two weeks, but I'm already un grounded and I had fun so
I don't care. Had my late night fun....(dont take that the
wrong way anyone) Hairnet.
Saturday Bill, Kit, Kyle, and Mike came over. We all
watched movies and thats just about it. A short late night
Sunday. Superbowl. Stupid. lol. I'm not to into football.
Bus you knew that. Yeah, I finished the Mexican's
(looking through names and trying to match them up if they
are hired...LOTS of LONG work.) That was basically it.
So, that is all you need to know about my weekend. Just
thought I'd update.