2001-09-16 17:02:31 (UTC)


who am I kidding? How can I act as if everything's okay?
Everything's not okay....I just went on to writing
different things in my diary...I can't do that. I want to
say that I am so DAMN proud of all the Americans...I could
just sob over their strength and their support for one
another. Everyone was being pretty helpful today here in
Manhattan. 42nd isn't all that bad...not too crowded. I
never really visited the WTC dad used to take me
their to have lunch, but I was only two. They had really
good sherbert ice creams..
I think it's wrong for some of the New Yorkers to go out
and beat the shit out of the first middle eastern guy they
see. That's WRONG. It's also embarrasing to our country. We
are a hell lot better than that. Don't get me wrong...we
are all pissed off but they're some innocent people out
there. I gotta go now. bye diary