Electric monkey
2001-09-16 16:59:28 (UTC)

9-16-01[entry number 38]

so, its sunday and i got up a little over an hour ago. im
sitting here waiting for some songs to download. i
downloaded Aimster last night. seems to work pretty good.
better then imesh in some ways. seems like there is a bunch
more to choose from on there, so thats good.
listening to Neil Young's "hey hey my my". my mp3 list is
on shuffle. good song. i downloaded poolshark the non-
acoustic one. im debating on if i like it or not. im used
to the acoustic one.
graham has to come over and get his wallet, sometime today.
i was carrying it for him in my bag and i didnt give it
sitting in the union is fun. you can talk about many many
things. here is one conversation pregression.
me looking through grahams wallet putting a dollar from
it in my bra graham looking through my wallet a
mcdonalds thing mr sobiech gave me freshmen in front of
me in german calling me a satan worshiper the girls bf
beating that guy up the chase guy fake boobs water
hrm. yeah. it was more interesting before i forgot some of
it. heh, yeah. anyway. thats just a review for those of you
who were there, so that you wont forget.
i had a dream last night. it was so strange, as most dreams
are. there was some kind of concert going on at my old
grade school. we all [jessica, graham and me] went to it
and we were standing in the glass hallway there. and kai
was standing there so graham went over to talk to her. then
they both started dancing with these two guys that were in
wheel chairs. cause they wanted to dance and there was this
tip box thing that you could put money in for watching
them. anyway, after they were done graham came over and i
kept pointing and telling him something like "thats my old
3rd grade class room!" "around the corner theres my 2nd
grade room!" etc.. then i thought that his sweater vest
looked soft so i kept feeling it. yeah, graham had on a
sweater vest. and then i straightened it and his collar.
thats about all i remember of it.
i know where this dream came from though, which is strange.
because jessica, graham and i looked through all my old
yearbooks yesterday. so, that has to be where it came from.
and maybe the concert thing came from us talking about
concerts yesterday. wow.... anyway.
i need to practice playing Fake plastic Trees. i feel bad
that i cant play it and it makes me mad, so ive gotta get
on it and practice. i think jessica might come over today
so that we can have a girls day out, like we used to do
every sunday. no boys. go to mcdonalds and get some fries
and all that. =) cd shop probably. do all those girl
things. and she might braid all my hair into lil braids
which will be scary, but she wants to do it, so its ok.
noone is online right now.
just a few blocks away a TON of cars were vandalized. i
live on 5th street and up on 10th every single car was
spray painted last night. if it was a white car theyd paint
on it black and if it was a light color theyd paint it
white. isnt that crap? that would totally suck. im glad my
car wasnt up there. although i havent gone out to look at
my car yet today. heh heh... so that sucks for those ppls
cars.. more so the people with new cars.
the people next door must have really been partying last
night. there were drumming away on those drums like there
was no tomorrow. but look its tomorrow. i was up till 3,
but they stoped around 2 i think. i was online till like 2
i think... then i got caught up in a tv program about one
of the guys on the plane that crashed in Penn. and then i
started crying because all these people were holding up the
pictures of the people that they had lost and they were all
crying and yeah... its horrible. i dont think it had really
sunk in untill then. it just didnt seem real, the whole
thing. untill i saw the reality of all of the hurt people
at 3am.
i tend to be very very emotional late at night. thats when
i cry the most. anything, well anything the slightest bit
sad just kills me late at night. stupid stuff too, movies
and stuff. and i never cry during movies. yeah, anyway.
i think i better go now. its noon. i better get dressed.