mY dIaRy....
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2001-09-16 16:51:21 (UTC)


Everything going so bad here and everywhere...... bsides
the fact that I hate myself more everyday my mom so crazy
cuz she just did something lol it's funny the way she
reacts to something she did.....
USA is gonna declare war in 10 days :S:S:S I don't want
war! I'm so scared, I know that Canada is not usa so I
don't think n e thing will happen here but still I'm scared.
I hope it only lasts like a month or two NO MORE! I don't
want war! plz God no!
The reason I came here is cuz Arg. was running rele bad and
it was rele dangerous there and here right bside us there's
gonna b a war.
N e wayz I'm gonna take a shower now and forget bout
this.... I still gotta finish my hwk.
I'll write but I dunno when because my dad thinks this page
is some kind of stupid ad, and everytime I come in it he
goes "What are u doing?" it's annoying but I'll put up w/
it. N e wayz g2g now, Luv,