the true confessions of moi
2003-01-27 17:08:03 (UTC)


well, its finally happened... first semester's over, no
more mornings at home, no more sleeping in, having enough
sleep... uh oh, my brother's science teacher just called
and he failed science. i'm glad i'm not him. and she said
she thinks it's full next semester, science, so he might
have to go to... summer school. that would totally, totally
suck, going to summer school. what a waste of summer.i hope
he can get into a class this semester... oh god, semester
starts tomorrow, i still don't know if i know anyone in my
history class.. and i wonder who'll be in my math class.
that i just can't imagine why anyone would take. or why i
would take it. physics has people in it, hannah and some
french immersion kids i think... so that'll be just fine,
as well as super easy. and what else.. english, jess'll be
back, i THINK... she might go somewhere else i guess, but i
think she can come back if she wants to... and gym i have
veronica. history is the only one i care about... now to
tell mom bryan failed.. and she's calling miss marks back.
and now it's like, an hour later, and sam's talking to me
and i'm not writing here anymore so i'm gonna post this now.