2001-09-16 16:26:12 (UTC)

Dreamscape-Hasty lunch

My mom and I found ourselves at a crowded restaurant
serving food, buffet style. We wondered into the dining
room and it was extremely crowded. Since we were not
greeted by a hostess, I found a waitier and asked him to
seat us. At first he said there was no where to sit, then
upon consideration, he said he did have a place with a
group who had an extra table.
The table was right in front of the buffet amidst a
crowded line of people waiting do dish up their food. My
mom slid right in to the booth. I gawked, the seats were
filthy with food crumbs and pasta sauces and gravy. As I
cleared the debris away my mom rushed up to the buffet and
came back hastily with a solitary slice of grilled chicken
breast, sat down amidst the crumbs and sauces in her Sunday
dress, and devoured it while I sat watching.
Noticing my bewilderment, she said, "I was just SO
hungry." Her whole body seemed to exhale and she half
leaned/half slumped against the back rest with sad eyes
half-open. She looked very tired and I sat watching her,
until I woke myself up.

The lady who represented herself as my mom, was not what my mom
looked like. The pasta sauce looked like dripping blood against the
yellow foam seat & back cushions.