tyler D's sex hole
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2003-01-27 16:48:26 (UTC)

Super Bowl Bj's

hello again sexual diary. well this sunday I started
randomly dialing half the single females I know. then in
act of deperation I called UCF thin girl. she's ok i guess.
i know people that have asked her out and she rejects them
but i'm just not really attracted to her. I said i need a
good bj and she said she was happy to ablige. so i got
there around 8pm (bc her room mate was returning at 11pm).
she blew me, then she gave a mediocre back rub, when i
wanted her to blow me again (after watching High Fidelity
for a bit) she went back and forth on it so i just jerked
it until i was about done and she mopped up orally. i hate
hand jobs and jerking does very little for me so i felt
wierd and left. i should write leaving was a bit of an
ordeal. she wante me to stay but when i get that feeling
it's time to leave I HAVE TO LEAVE. well that's pretty much
it for that experience.

i also made plans with shawnda and gina seperatley for
today but we'll see how that goes

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