My Mind
2001-09-16 16:14:29 (UTC)


so many things she could bring back
and dangerous things only she could make me do
the past you bring is what throws me off track
im scared do i even want to see you

the present i have isnt to bad
the past you were in was just way to sad
i had fun dont get me wrong
but its just been so long

what will he do
when he meets you
will he scold me and look down on me
will he just let it be

because of her i was lost
had to pay the highest of cost
to get my life back was a challange
will i still be able to manage

scared what she will bring
terrified of what magic she will sing
will it be like before
doing the bad stuff behind her locked door

the lovely things she could bring to me
just might turn me into someone i dont want to be
the hidden treasures she carries in her way
possible to bring me back to the worst day

am doing the right thing
should i let her keep those things she will bring
id like to have a little taste
but its my life that i would waste

it was so sweet running through my blood as it rots
numbing my mind and hiding my thoughts
the perfect place youve ever been
is the one you imagine

though id love to just see it
i just couldnt do it
so good it made me feel
to turn my dreams into what i thought was real

i think i should tell her no
simply because i love my life so
to let her know that im happy now
to fight the urge to let it snow

i know barbara will bring it when she comes back and i know
that i will want to do it but then i dont want it. i made
a promise to tommy that i wouldnt do it again no matter how
bad things got. but oh what i wouldnt do for just a
taste. just one little smell to feel the numbness just
once for its been so long. i guess this is another test
placed upon me. to figure out whats more important to me
maybe or to just test myself to see if i can do without
it. for the first time in my life im into the commercials
that scream just say no --end--