Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-01-27 15:20:21 (UTC)

Life is changing...for the good

Hello all, I have spent some wonderful time with Anna, the
beautiful Anna. We have kissed, snuggled, hugged, petted,
and you know, all of the above again, and again, and again.

I really enjoyed myself, and I really enjoy her, she's
wonderful, sweet, carring, beautiful, smart, easy going and
playful. We have decided to take these things slow, we
have spent non-stop time together, but the closest we've
gotten to SEX is touching each other's back. I am so
happy. SHe makes me smile. I just want to gobble her up.
I gave her a key to my place, not as a romantic thing, but
because her roommie is a fucking psycho. UGH. Plus, I
have a big bed and she's gotta twin.

We didn't talk about spending time together tonight after
her classes, but hopefully she'll call or come over or
something. Wishful thinking.

I have to see Duane and watch Buffy, ugh. I hate the fact
that he hasn't learned that we are not going any farther
with what he wants, but I can't miss out on an epsiode of
Buffy. Oh well, I'm going to call him and see if we can
meet soon, so I can be free when Anna gets out of class
later today.

Bad note.... the asshole ex still hasn't sent me my money
for the car payment.


Oh well, I've got my Anna :)

bye for now...

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