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2001-09-16 15:37:22 (UTC)

Yay for Productivity!

Ok, so I woke up at 7:30 this morning. Yes I realize that's
it's Sunday morning and technically my morning to sleep in
but nonetheless... so I stayed in bed until shortly after 8,
reading of all things, an NSYNC magazine- I told you I was
obsessed! Ok, so I needed a happy this morning, sue me! But
then I got up, did the laundry, completed my goal paper for
field prep, dressed and ate all before 10:30 this morning.
Cool! So I have the rest of the day to complete my sport
psychology reading and then do whatever the heck I please.
LOL, maybe I'll take a nap? Nah, my friend is supposed to be
coming and I haven't seen her since April so that will be
Ok, a word for the wise for you. Do NOT do grocery
shopping when you're depressed. Last night between crying
jags, I went to the store and came back with pudding, ice
cream and cake. The cashier just looked at me cuz my eyes
were all puffy and red and I was buying junk food. She most
likely thought I broke up with my boyfriend or something.
Hee hee hee oops.
Ok, how cute is Brendan Fehr?! Impossibly cute. I love
him so much. He's in that new U2 video "Stuck in a Moment"
and he's so cute. Besides, he's the reason I watch "Roswell"
religiously. Michael can be my alien love slave when I leave
this planet- ha ha! Anyhoo...

Current mood: calm

Current music: "I Hope You Dance"- Lee Ann Womack

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