dressed to kill
2001-09-16 15:15:13 (UTC)

the new Blink Single...39Dayz & College boyz! (hott!)

what it is? i dunno what to write about. nuthin good has
been happening. umm Jason waved to me yesterday. he is so
sex-tastic. i want his body. lol. guess what guess what!!!
i get to go see New Found Glory in concert in 39 days! yea
buddy! that rawks so freakin bad! i just heard Blink 182's
new song "stay together for the kids." it rawks so hard!
yea! haha. OMG! my local radio station is realli pissing me
off. first its punk weekend & they are *hardly* playing any
punk! helloo!!! then they are giving away NFG cd's. so
basically they want EVERYONE to find out about NFG- my
well kept secret! my practically UNKNOWN band! fuckin A!
that really pisses me off. oh well. what can ya do rite?
OOH friday nite i got to hang out with hott & sexy college
boyz...i luv my life. hehe. who knew highschool football
games could be so much fun. lol. well i gotta go now.
*tash* AkA-UnKnoWn