Simple Lies & Confusion
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2003-01-27 08:42:41 (UTC)

*~*First Entry*~*

Well, this will be my first entry in here and I will just tell you
about ME! I'm 19 y/o I'll be 20 in September. I already have a diary
on but I decided to make a diary somewhere else
b/c TOD likes to not work for me so I wanted to try another place to
write my thoughts that I just need to get out and or just what I
have been up to.
I really don't know what to say right now b/c there isn't much to
write about in a beginning entry. I just hope that this site always
lets me into my diary to write when I need to and always works for
me. If not then I will just have to deal w/ it.
Also my theory w/ these diaries. If someone leaves notes that are
saying how they don't want to hear about what that person is writing
or how they don't think highly of that person’s poetry or writing,
then they shouldn't be reading it. If you haven't got NE thing good
to say then don't say nothing at all! I just hate it when people do
that. If I don't like what someone is writing about or think its bad
I keep it to my self...
Well that is all that I can think to write about at this time! From
now on I will just write about how I’ve been and what I have been up
to and maybe write a poem or 2 in once in awhile, I write better
when it just comes out of the blue while I am listening to music.
OH YEAH! I don't know how to let go of people. So if NE one reads
about a certain guy more than once, or should I say ALL THE TIME,
don't criticize me. I love the guy and I can't get over him! Well
that is about it for now! Luv Yaz!

Rie Jo