Raining In Autumn
2001-09-16 14:14:05 (UTC)

Without Words

Sunday morning...I sit here enjoying the cool weather
before church. It's been nearly a week since the WTC
bombing and I am still in a loss for words. I really don't
know what to even say about it. I think it's sad, I think
it's disgusting, and I really think it is dissapointing. It
shows how America has let her guard down. We believe we'll
never be attacked on our own soil and I think that's caused
us to be less cautious than we used to be. I like the way
President Bush is going at the whole situation though. He
seems to have his heart in finding who did it and taking
care of the problem once and for all...I just hope we all
come out of this a better country and a better world.

Well it seems the cooler weather has already scared off
many of the people from Hickory at nights. Some people were
out but it was like a ghost town all weekend...of course it
could be because the NOPI Nationals were going on in
Atlanta, GA this weekend. It definately put a damper on our
team meeting. In fact, we didn't even have a meeting last
night. I kinda think some of the people are already bored
with it...but maybe that just means we'll weed out the non-
committed members and we'll get it down to the people who
really care about the team. Shannon and I went to see Fast
and the Furious again last night and seeing the 240sx's in
that movie just make me wanna deck mine out. Time to go
looking for parts. ;)


Music: "End of the World" - Cold