heaven key

2003-01-27 07:28:54 (UTC)

nothing much

well here i am at one in the morning . i just got home from
stillwater . i was watching a hip hop show, that carl was
in. i personally thhink he isnt the greatest preformer, but
he is like my best friend so there is no way id tell him
that.my head hurts . i think its because last nite i drank
a pint of southern comfort. i went to st paul to see laura
and she was yet again in a fight with her boyfriend. he
never wants her to hang out with me and he is a big ass
hole. he cant stand when laura has a life other than him
which is abusive but she cant see that because she is in
love with this ass hole. well i have really nothing elce to
say so ill be going now. i still refuse to be alone on
valentines day so we will see where i am then. ill probably
call up naser and have him take me out somewhere