My Heart and Soul....
2003-01-27 07:13:10 (UTC)

Happy Super Bowl Sunday

:-D happy super bowl sunday. Props to my cousin Sherry and
her silly Bucs.....they won a super bowl before the jags... :-(

Uhmm...my life....hahahahahahahahaha do you really want to

Ok...had a little incident with some beer on thursday of
this week..... not too bad though. Just kinda had to hide my
cars keys from myself for a few days, cause i'm angry with
myself. But that's all that came of THAT power hour
(which...let me tell you.....after 3 beers, I was drunk for
a good 8 hours......I'll call it a good investment!)

Anyway....the relationship scene: Since this seems to be the
most interesting aspect of my life anymore....I'll tell what
is going on...see if you can follow. David and I have been
talking. This is good. Except, he's an asshole. Likes to say
shit to me, trying to get me to give him the dish on my sex
life, which OBVIOUSLY i'm not going to. Then...the other day
I was on the phone with him, and Donnie stopped over.
WELL...David was pissy cause I was talking to them both
(although for the past 3 nights that I had talked to him, he
had his friends there that he was talking to, and making me
talk to...but apparently this is only O.K. for him to
do....) soooooo...he got mad, and said he'd call me the next
day, and hung up all pissy. I'm like...BLAH whatever...see
if I give a shit. [P.s. he didn't call...if thats at all

So...then thursday, Andy's roommate called and said that
they were getting movies, and Andy told him to call me and
see if I wanted to come over. ( 1. I don't know why Andy
couldn't call me himself to ask me this, and 2. I was
slightly intoxicated) So, of course, I went....cause I'm

We watched some stupid movie...Van Wilder, then I went home
around 11:30.....Friday night, he called me again and asked
me to come over....so I did. We played cards, chilled out. I
spent the night. While I was there, David called my cell
phone....that just set everyone into a tither...but I know
how to control my men....so no biggie.

THEN....I come home on Saturday morning, Joe and his friend
stop over to say hey. They ended up sitting here for like 3
hours talking to me. All the while HE was telling me how he
missed me (p.s. I don't care...BLAH) So i made sure to make
PLENTY of references to Andy and David BOTH, just to make
sure I got my point across.

And now: it is sunday....i haven't talked to andy since he
left for work Saturday morning, I haven't talked to David
since I called him right after Andy left. Joe wants to hang
out more.....and those are three of them. There are more
around the fringes.....BUT I CAN'T DEAL WITH THEM ALL RIGHT
NOW! lol....


heehee...what can I say..PLAYAS FO LIFE....UGH

yea....other ish.... school sucks cock. I hate it. I don't
want to go anymore. second semester is going to be a lot of
bullshit, terribly easy, but should be more fun, cause the
parties should start getting better....

I don't know what else. I don't want to get into my
emotional issues right now, cause it's too damn crazy,
you're head will be spinning for a week. I haven't slept
well in about 2 weeks. When I do sleep, I toss and turn for
about 6 hours, waking up every hour or so.....I'm getting
more and more exhausted, and there's not a DAMN thing I can
do about it.



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