Twin Adventures
2003-01-27 07:09:47 (UTC)

Crazy Corwin

This weekend started off on Thursday, as all of our
weekends will this semester, no classes on Friday. Added
bonus was that Monday's classes were canceled....four day
weekend. This past weekend was our RU weekend Tbo style
with guest appearances from Megan. After a very
frustrating long day of classes on Thursday, it was off to
Corwin C for some relaxation. Jac started off with a few
shots of goldshlager & Jack Daniels....and followed it up
with a triple cherry smirnoff. Shortly after, she found
her usual drunk spot. (aka hanging on Jason) Lyndz had a
sober night, all though housemate - Alana had a love
affair with our jello shot vodka. She's from Barbados and
in her awesome accent expressed her love for "this shit".
She ended the night almost making out with Jason's mirror,
while checking our her ass. Tbo got molested while Jason
crotch almost got lite on fire by Alana's cigarrette when
she decided sweetness needed a hug. So by two Lyndz and
Jac headed back to Lippincott 207 & got ready for bed.
Friday it was off to TCNJ to pick up Megan. Meanwhile
Jason was supposed to meet us for dinner when we got
back. However after waiting awhile for him & Tbo to call,
we find out the rocket scientist forgot we were supposed
to eat together. So Jac called Jason and left a very
sacastic message which Jason portrayed as serious and was
scared. After some laughter the matter was cleared up and
Jason came out of the fetal position. So it was off to
Busch for the girls, where we ate pizza for dinner. The
rest of the night was centered in Corwin C where too many
varities of alcohol were ingested by Megan and Lyndz. Jac
was the first one to feel the effect of jello shots,
goldshlager, smirnoff, & bacardi. She assumed her usual
role of a shadow to Jason. As if the above alcohol was
not enough....Megan and Lyndz decided to follow it all up
with a lil chaser of beer. Not a smart move. The rest of
the night became clean up crew of Tbo, Jason, & Jac.
Cleaning up Megan's popurri & kicking lyndz to get her
fuckin head into the toliet. After lyndz killed the aero
bed, Jac had a nervous break down & lyndz stripped her
shirt off infront of Tbo because it was cold & without the
shirt it was warmer. Occupying Tbo's bed Meg and Lyndz
finally went to sleep & Tbo found a home on the third
floor with Ronnie. Every movement and sneeze scared Jac
and Jason so much that they probably got an hour of
sleep. The morning follows and lyndz wakes up
proclaming "Where the fuck is my shirt!" as Megan follows
up with "More importantly where did I get these pants!".
You see every article of Tbo's clothing was now in use
because of Megan and Lyndz's amazing stomach
pyrotechnics. Then Lyndz decided it would be cool to show
Jac and Jason the chunks in her hair as she sat on top of
them and said "Jason feel". Jac took her back to her dorm
and went back to Corwin with Megan and cleaning supplies.
All in all everyone learned never to mix so many varities
of alcohol. Later that day the group moved on to some ice
ice baby as we watched live in concert at TCNJ Vanilla
Ice. Jason and Tbo stayed and got autographs while Lyndz,
Megan, Jac, and Mike went back to Rutgers. Lyndz, Jac,
and Megan proceeded to Fridays where they had the scariest
fucking waiter ever. The night was followed up by a
viewing of dirty dancing at Corwin C with Jason and Tbo.
The night also included two to three hours of Jac singing
in which others joined in to their perspective favorite
songs. Tbo & Jason were scared for life with Jac and
Lyndz's constant sexual inuendos because the horror on
their face is classic, which fueled them even more. Megan
Jac and Lyndz being the smart girls they are, devised a
plan to scare the shit out of Tbo and Jason yet again. So
the dumb asses not knowing allowed us to unlock the screen
of the window and gave us their flash light, because Jason
can not say no to Jacquie. We went back to Lippincott
around three and picked up Jac's laundry which she forgot
was in the dryer for a day. We got our supplies
Marshmallows, teddy grams, toliet paper, and a shower
pole. The toliet paper containted sayings of sexy men and
margaritaville corwin style lyrics. We headed back to
Corwin around 4:20, and parked in the lot behind. After
parking while getting the shower rod out of the trunk a
lovely rutgers police officer drives by and stops. She
askes us if we are having car trouble and Jac says no we
are just going to Corwin. So after myocardial infarctions
by all three girls...we proceed toward Jason's window.
Jac opens up the screen & window and pulls up the blinds.
She looks inside and the two dorks are sleeping. She
proceeds to throw in the marshmallows and teddy grams and
by lyndsey's idea leaves. However, the "essential" part
of the plan was still in the car. So Megan goes and gets
the pole and runs back to Corwin, pole vaulter style. Jac
pokes the sleeping Jason with the pole, lyndz throws the
flashlight on the window sill and they sprint back to the
car hysterically laughing. They ride back to Lippincott
and can hardly walk up the steps becasue of laughter. To
their dismay Jason never calls. We finally went to sleep
at 5:30 and we get up at 1. We head over to Corwin where
we realize they have not seen tbo's car yet, which is
decorated with toliet paper proclaiming sexy men and our
margaritaville corwin style. They go inside and Tbo
scares them saying that Jason is pissed and went out for a
walk. He lied and Jason comes up from the nasty shower in
the basement and looks confused asking why we hit him with
a stick and threw stuff in his room. He was not mad
because it was Jacquie and co so of course he would never
admit it. Tbo walks out to his car and exclaims "hell I'm
keeping it on there". Lyndz and Megan put the aero bed to
rest and Mike Tbo and Jason brag that they have a plan for
getting the girls back. We all leave and its off to TCNJ
for Lyndz Jac and Megan. While on their way there their
scheme for corwin scaring part III is devised. A new aero
bed is bought along with a few supplies for the next
scaring. The weeekend is ended with some lovely expos II
essays. All in all the weekend was a blast. We plan on
spending more weekends at RU this semester in which
studying anatomy does not reign.

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