2003-01-27 06:52:02 (UTC)

Today was eventful...

Well lets start with last night.....After louise ditched
Miranda and I because her man is back in town......I went
to Dawns place, with Ryan and her. We had some drinks and
a few laughs....it was alright. Watched Reindeer Games....

Ummm then this morning (7am) I was awakened by the phone,
so I went back to sleep and at noon, dawn came and woke me
up! I got ready and we went for lunch, then off to Ryans,
in Taylor. Ryan was being a bum and went off with his
brother so Dawn and I decided to make it a trip to Dawson
Creek (45 min away). It was a blast. Dawn and I had nice
talks....and went to check out the Canadian Tire down
there, and even though everyone might say its a new store
(1 year old)......its still nicer and fuller then
ours.....Our store sucks ass and I dont want to work there
after seeing what a disgrace it is. The corporation should
shut it down! Blah! Anyways then we went to the mall for a
bit...then drove around the big ol city.....

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and the biggest news out of all of
this that I forgot to mention....My cousin Dayna had a
baby girl yesterday..... YEPPEEEEE I am soooo excited. So
I bought something while I was in DC for her.
Then we left to come back...and yea, I got my nachos that
I have been wanting for months from 7/11...bastards wont
put one in FSJ. blah!

On our way home we stopped on the top of taylor hill (big
ass hill)....so that the cars behind us could go on...and
we wouldnt hold them up, cause we wanted to take our
time.....well....we didnt exactly stop on the side...LOL
we stopped after we slid into a snow bank. So these 2
wonderful girls stopped and tried to help us, then a
superior propane guy and his shovel, then dawns uncle.
LMAO finally we got out and us and the girls that
stopped.....drove down the hill going 30 km/hr...hehehe we
held up about 15 cars lol oh well. we made it safely....

So by this time, I am late getting home for micheles call
for the movie.....But we got the movie on time. I went to
see 2 weeks notice and I loved it :-) Sandra Bullock and
Hugh Grant are the best! Then after the movie, we went to
Mirandas house (my supervisor at work who is totally
awesomem and 19)....so we hung out there for a bit...then
went to Boston Pizza......then back to Mirandas and now I
am home.....So yea....its been a day!!

Congratulations Dayna and John on your precious
Daughter...Hopefully I will get to see her at some point...

P.S. I hope none of the language in this entry offends
anyone....I tend to go a little overboard sometimes.... :-(