lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-01-27 06:29:58 (UTC)

it's official:

i am a beast. the b word, if you will. if you won't, then i am a
monstrous weirdo. count the cliches in this little scene of my life:

cell phone rings. it says "matty". i ignore it.

house phone rings. i yell, "if it's matt, i'm not home!!!!"

my mom says, "sure, she can talk right now. here you go!"

matt: why aren't you answering me?
me: i'm doing homework
matt: are you mad?
me: no, just busy
matt: am i weirding you out?
me: um
matt: i just want to know what i did, cuz i can tell you don't like me
anymore. did i do something?
me: you didn't. i just don't want to make this harder on you cuz
nothing's going to happen
matt: what do you mean?
me: i'm not gonna go out with you again or whatever
matt: oh
me: sorry
matt: yeah. seriously, was i being a jerk to you?
me: no. don't worry about it.
matt: sure?
me: yeah. i'm sorry.
matt: ok, have a good night.

yeah, you read that right. i actually pulled a "if it's matt, i'm not home!!!!"