All in the Night
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2001-09-16 12:50:18 (UTC)

exciting weekeend

OK I have to say that it's been a pretty good weekend. I
went out with Chad on Saturday, and i next to Doug, he's
the sweetest guy i've ever dated. Ok so since he had to
work i just met him at the mall and as soon as we left we
endedup getting lost and Chad almost KILLED us, but anyways
we did get unlpost after about an hour. SO then we decided
to eat at O'Charley's which was like a 30 minute wait--
outside...omg i almost froze my ass off b/c i was wearing a
skirt. There's like no point in us going out to eat at all
b/c when we do, we never really eat. WE just sit there and
talk and kinda take a bite every now and then. OK so
anyways then we ended up going to see "The Others" which
really wasn't all that scary, lol just an excuse for Chad
to hold my hand or whatever. anyways i went to work on
Saturday and i was tlaking to Amber she went to lunch with
him and he think shtat i don't like him as more than a
friend...I dont' know how i feel. I mean he's really sweet
and everything, but he's leavin in January and will be gone
for 6 months. OK but anyways, work was pretty cool, b/c i
got to run a register all day and not really do anything.
Then Sarah and i came home and went out with Matt and
Andrew. Lol they're so adorable. WE went bowling and and
cj came and we had fun. Andrew, would i ever hate you???
Lol you didn't hear Sarah's comment as we were pulling away
did you? Lol, sarah "omg the window is down" Anyways, i
would keep on typing and get into more detail but my hands
are like too cold to type AND i have to go to work in 30
minutes. OK, i'm out for the day!