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2003-01-27 05:39:35 (UTC)

the 11 month plan

yep, i have plan..

for some reason, after I blew half my paycheck on nothing, i
went and watched Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. It was
both amazingly depressing, and freakishly catalystic...

I don't feel so bad about not having a life, or being pretty
much no where in my life, or not having one. Wednesday I go
see the dentist, if I can get the work I want done, then I will
steel myself to my current job, and not worry about another
one. But, if I don't get the good word, well, then I will work
where i am for another month full time, then go to part time.
from there hopefully find a more fulfilling job to take up my

now, thats all settled in that forum... the next thing I am
going to do is register my new company, register it as a
Corporation, get a few tax stuff done on it, and then get the
domain name...

once I do that, I need to find myself a competent and reliable
web designer to help me, for which I am probably going to
give 20% of the company to, for help, and deferred pay.
Then find a graphic designer, I actually know one, but well,
it's unlikely I will end up with much help on that end.

once I do those, I can spend the next 6 months developing my
idea, putting it together, and launching it. Who knows,
maybe it will go down in flames, or fly higher than the stars.
But I can say, that I have done it...

sometime between now and May I need to save up $2000 for
summer classes, then take psyche and something worthwhile.
hopefully get at least a B , and pat myself on the back.

then in August, launch my business, hopefully let it fly and
see where it goes...

in September, I will take two courses at university, finishing
them in November, and finally head out of this city...

thats my plan...

step one...

next paycheck, pay for my damned Kung Fu/Tai Chi classes,
go to them, buy a set a weights, and stop drinking pepsi and

so, here I go... new start to the week...

let's see what happens...