Mismatched thoughts of a Virgo
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2001-09-16 10:40:46 (UTC)

Humans vs. Furres and Misquitos vs. Penny Savers

Did you know that on furcadia a human character is usally
frowned on as a freak or an odditie. WELL being the girl
that I am I personaly made a human alt who came out quite
nice thank you.

But everyone looks at her like shes a freak then they talk
to her and try to sleep with her

Ack! misquitos are plentiful here, but i havnt been bitten
woo hoo! my brother is covered though, thats what he gets
for tossing and turning in his sleep while in his undeder
wear. I could squish the bug but it would leave a mark on
my screen... and i dont know where it is now.....

AHHHH it dissapered!! oh wait there it is...

Penny Saver came to the rescue! it squashed the misquito
and everyone in the tiny village of me, myself, and I
cheered with glee they were saved from the winged beast Hip
Hip horray!!

I had coffe earlyer... way way earlyer... can you tell????

and i drank a litter of pepsi alllll by meselfs...

i go crawl in a hole and die now bye...