the life of tigger, with pooh, bartman,
2001-09-16 10:40:35 (UTC)


mood - frazzled
music - southpark , its easy mmkkaayyy

ever had relatives stay with you that have an incredible
cute but deadly baby? i have. right now.

my cousin and her husband have come to stay with us as they
are goin 2 disneyland paris 2 moro and by eurotunnel i only
live about an hour and a half away from it.

well, thery are really lvoley and i love having them to
stay, and so ids there 2 y rold baby, but he is MAD!!! he
spends all day running around screaming, hiting me over the
head with hammers, poking me in the eye, and jumoping up
and down whilst spinning and screaming ''RAAAAAAARRRRRR"

ugh im tired. hes chosen me 2 b his new best freind so i
have 2 follow him round everywhere. they have all gone out
on the local miniture railway at the moment so i am doin my
hw and this quickly while hes not in, as everytime i go on
the comoputer whilst he's here he turns it off.

oh yeah, bartman found out im a wiccan, i thyink he likes
it :S hmmm have 2 keep an eye on that.


byyyeeeee, luv, tiggeress...