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2001-09-16 09:21:16 (UTC)

First Date of Fall in Miami

David, xbuffed, had read my profile, saw my pic, and
Instant Messaged me. "You are what I'm looking for", so he
said. We chatted for awhile, then I checked out his
profile. Short, dark, and handsome, with almost a mean
look. 'Turkish/Jewish, stud who can 'please in every way',
so his profile said. I've never met a Jewish man that I
would seriously consider dating, and am not particularly
attracted to 5'5" ponys. So to make him feel good, I told
him "two out of three is'nt bad" and that "maybe in his
case, I could make an exception". He did'nt seem to
understand that I really was being sarcastic.
As it turned out, he was really sexy with his shirt
off, and thought, oh well,I have nothing to lose by meeting him for
lunch at the Front Porch Cafe on Ocean Drive, Saturday afternoon. He
would meet me there after he was finished with the tailor
who was altering his new rubber pants which he planned to
wear to the Fetish Party at Salvation, that night. He
did'nt mention the rubber part until after we had met,
hmmm. Anyway.
I biked over to the beach from downtown Miami,
enjoying the first fall day of the year, and selected a
balcony table, along the terrace, and ordered a Bass Ale beer to
pass the time.
He arrived, true to anatomical form, buffed and quite
the studmuffin. He was painfully nervous, as he settled in after the
intial greetings exchange. But he was more than nervous,
and before I caught myself, I asked, "Are you O.K., I mean,
are you O.K with this?" He seemed like he was comming down
from a bad crack cocain high, and then it hit me-he was on
anti-depresants, sorry folks, but the eyes give it away
every time. Noticing, that perhaps I had noticed something,he
carefully slid his sunshades on. He said he was fine, and since it
was too late to bolt, I was determined to make the most of it, and at
least enjoy lunch. I asked him a lot of questions to get
him to talking-guys are not very good at conversation, and
he was clumsy and awkard at best in the beginning, but
began to loosen up as he told me about himself.
He was in job transition, just leaving the Carnival
cruises, where he played the piano and sang. I thought of
the movie Trick and asked him if he had ever indulged in
such fantasys. In a scene from the movie, the leading
character played the piano and sang while his trick
awkwardly attemped to give him a blow job from underneath
the piano. "No", he said, "but I might like to try it
sometime". Luckily, the waiter arrived and we ordered.
"You told me you wern't looking for a sex hook-up", so
with my hands folded casually on the table in front of me,
I asked, "What are you looking for?" With a pensive
expression, he explained that he was "looking for someone
to date and go out with." He sounded so honest, that the
average non SOBE (South Beach) person may well have believed
But the picture was just not comming together for me. As the
conversation unfolded, he told me about the people he had
been seeing since he had been back off the ship, and that
he did not plan on going back on the ship, in fact, he was
anxiously awaiting the go ahead with a job in Texas. He
wanted stability, and a normal life,and we talked about how
difficult it was to have that in Miami.
He told me the last guy he had dated had broken it it off with
him. "I liked seeing him, but I think he broke up with me
because I may not be here much longer, since I may take the
job in Texas. I don't think people want to date me because
they know I may be leaving soon. Do you think that may be
why noone wants to get involved with me?" he asked. I
don't think he was paying any attention to anything I had
said,espcially since we were just discussing why it was so
hard to date in Miami, and especially since I brought up
the fact that it was difficult for guys to focus, what with
so much distraction. Duh. Damn.
Fortunately, we made it through lunch,then suddenly,
he asked for the check, got up with his back-pack and
headed in the direction of the restroom, I was left to
assume. My visa and I picked up the check. When he
returned, he mumbled something about, paying, and I told
him not to worry about it, I had taken care of
it...apparantly, he was'nt too worried, rather, that he
wanted to get go to the beach and get some sun, some color
for the party that night.
We laid out on the 12th street beach for awhile. I had
brought my bubble making kit and decided to blow bubbles.
He did'nt have much to say, and I was tired of asking
questions, not wanting to seem like a seven year old. He
never did figure out that he should ask some questions, so
I just blew my bubbles and watched them blow away toward
the ocean.
He was aggravated, he admitted, a little upset,
as the sun had already started going down, because he
was'nt tanning, despite the lack of his itty- bitty
swimsuit which did'nt conceal much of his outlined cock.
Which is the only thing I could guess he meant when he said he
could 'please in every way'. He decided it was time to go-he
needed some sleep he admitted, yawning, "for the party that
As I walked him to his car, he asked if I would be
attending the Fetish party. "More than likely, No," I
said. We waved goodby, and I started off for my bike, back
at the Front Porch Cafe, wondering why he seemed to believe
he wanted to date anyone.

I have lost friends, some by death...others through sheer inability
to cross the street. -Virginia Woolf