The crazy world of me
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2003-01-27 04:03:29 (UTC)

things are strange

Yo what is up kids? I am in a really good mood! I don't
know why but I am. I think when I put this CD in it put me
in a peppy mood. Anyway. I really don't want to go to
school tomorrow because its going to blow all sorts of
balls. Orange juice is good!!!!!!!!!
So I sent Ricky my journal to read ya know and I was
thinking about deleting some of the stuff I wrote then I
just thought screw it because I told him thats how he can
know my feelings and if I deleted them then he wouldn't
know ya know what I mean.
You know sometimes I think I hate people but if I sit
back and think about it I would be really sad if those
people were gone. I don't know where that came from. My
ass I guess who knows.
So Aaron came to my house last night but I wasn't home.
He came out here with Shawn and Mikey. Ahh I am so mad. I
knew I was having feelings that I shouldn't go to the
game. I want to see Aaron but I REALLY want to see Mikey.
I don't like him that much anymore but I think it's because
I haven't see or talked to him in like forever. That's how
I am I always stop liking people but then I will see them
and its like WHOA!!!!! that don't really happen when I
talk to them on the phone though unless I really like the
kid or something.
I think I am starting to like my sisters friend Jeff. I
don't know why. Maybe its because I habg out with the kid
a lot or something. I don't really want to like him like
that even though I know his whole sex life since he sat
there with Joni and I and talked about it but anyway.
Sherry thinks that Twitch aka Charlie either likes me or
Joni because he always wants to come downstaires. I don't
know that kid kind of freaks me out but he is cool I
guess. I don't like him like that though. But I am going
to go I guess because I need to find some pictures for a
project bye kids