this is my life
2001-09-16 08:20:37 (UTC)

:::been a while:::

its been some time since my last entry and a lot has
happened since then. i no longer talk to fratboy. it got to
the point to where i had to flat out ask him if i should
jus move on and he said yes, and i did. i am proud to say
that there are songs that come on the radio that totally
remind me of him, and it doesnt bother me at all. i am
completely over him and it feels great. he was such a waste
of time and emotions and we werent really that much alike
to begin with. im glad that whole saga is over.
i have been feeling lonely lately, and it does suck but im
doing ok. ive been going to school and getting things done
and being responsible for once and i really like it. ive
been hanging out with my best friend a lot and weve been
having lots of fun, and weve gotten a lot closer and that
is really nice. tonight we went to this party with a friend
of hers, and it was a work party for this place that i used
to work for, so i knew a lot of people there. there was
also this guy that i recognized from a long time ago, that
i never really knew, but had jus seen before, and i thought
he was really cute. he ended up introducing himself to me
because he thought i looked familar as well. we talked for
a good portion of the night and realised that we went to
the same high school(at different time tho) and lived in
the same part of town as well. he shares a lot of my
interests and seems really cool. he asked for my number, so
hopefully ill be hearing from him soon.
on a more serious note, this past week has been unreal...
the terrorist attacks on our country, lives lost, and
hatred that has spawned from all of this is absolutely
awful. it is so strange to think that things will never
again be like they were only a week ago... everything has
changed. i am still in shock about all of this and i wish
there was more that i could do besides donate money and
watch the news.... but i live so far away.