Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
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2001-09-16 07:49:51 (UTC)

God Bless America

It's Sunday morning and I'm spending another night with
CNN. I'm still in awe over the events that unfolded in
N.Y.C. on Tuesday. I'm still overwhelmed with sadness. I
want to do something to help, but it just doesn't seem like
enough. Insignificant. I look at the number of people
missing and the number of people already presummed dead and
it just makes me sick. I want retaliation...if not for the
country...but for all those victims and their families! It
makes me want to get a gun and go over there myself...of
course that's not logical, but it's how I feel. Too many
people died senselessly. It doesn't make sense to me that
someone could be so cruel to do something like that! It's
beyond my thinking and what I'm accustomed to, I guess. I
guess people think differently than us Americans, but my can someone be so insane!?? It's so beyond me! I
can't grasp the concept! Ugh, I'm so upset right