College and Frogs
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2001-09-16 07:31:52 (UTC)

I very much dislike boys

Boys really are more trouble then they are worth. This
evening I was talking to a friend or so I thought, but it
turned out to be my best friends boyfriend. I tought it
was wierd when he wrote to me first, we use AIM to talk
back and forth, he never IMs me fist. Anyway he started
saying all these weird things like how he wanted me to
touch his butt, and he wanted to shake his bon bon at me.
The he started asking me about homecoming and said he
wanted to come up to be my date. I wouldn't mind him
coming up as my date but it wasn't who thought it was. He
started making wierd comments that were meant to be taken
sexually. Normally I wouldn't have minded, but this time
it got creepy and he really started to scare me. The guy,
whose screen name I was talking to, and I have a little
game we play where we time hello back and forth for a while
to kinda break silence whent there is nothing to say,
anyway I started the game but he didn't play right, that
shoudl have tipped me off right there, but it didn't. I
don't know why. Then he starts saying stuff about calling
him, which I probably would have done except he said he was
going to look fo rour friends who were suppose to be
visiting him tonight. He said they were lost and he needed
to go find them. That didn't make any since because my she
grew up in STL and knew exactly where the campus was. So
anyway he said something about my friends boyfriend and I
said something about him being the jealous type. HE said
that he didn't think the guy was and asked me why I thought
so. I told him Matt (names changed to protect those who
have been entered here, even tho he really shouldn't be
protected) got made me once because I said Allie and I was
going to go check out some HOT guys one weekend. Then I
said I didn't know what to think about him. Which at this
point I know what I think about him, that's fo later tho.
Anyway then he told me that I was not talking to Jacob, but
instead it was Matt. He was kinda upset, which he
deserved. Then he just kinda left me hanging. I was so
confused and upset that i called Jacob, and was going to
tlakto him but all that was said was that he didn't know
what had happened and that was it. I was so upset that I
just said forget it and I was going to bed, but as you can
see I'm writing this entry in order to let out my
frustrations. I'm probably going to call Jacob tomorrow to
find out what really happened wether he like it or not.
I don't know if I'll even make it up for church in the
morning but I'm going to try.
I need to talk to Allie too but who know when that will be.
Well, I'm going to bed now for reall this time. Hopefully
I can sleep and not cry myself to sleep. My head still
hurts from the confusion I have no clue what happened
still. Well, goodnight or rather goodmorning.