punk rawker

*-*made silant*-*
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2003-01-27 03:31:16 (UTC)


well the title is i dunno. i just pressed copy and boom
thats what came up. it looks like a yo girl name so it
probably came from my brother.

ok well im sitting here waiting for rob to get on. i
finished watching the super bowl. it was a good game. bucs
won of course. hehe.

nothing really exciting happened... i put eric to sleep he
was starting to get annoying.

ROBS ON! hehe. i love him. im so lucky to have him...

scott's pissed off at me... he has been... manly because of
lacie fucking lieng. but thats ok. even though she was my
best friend i'll get over it. she's such a jealous bitch
and i cant stand her. scott was my best friend untill now.
he like hates me. i wish lacie would get whatever she has
out of her ass. i fucking hate them i want to kick her ass.

i have to go to school tomorrow.. sorry this is so boring
and short

love ya,