Aradia Goblin Queen

Aradia's Head
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2003-01-27 03:05:01 (UTC)


so i m eatting grapes.

isnt that kinda exciting?
no? ok.

so today was superbowl day...or something. some guys
running round in tight pants chasing a ball.
and my father says i have no comprehension of the game.

aside from that the mall was busy, which blew my mind.damn
kids...always gotta shop and spend their money in my store.

yesterday a few of us gathered up our GEE-tars and
attempted to tune em. apparently tim and i suck at the
tuning part, luckily jon knew wot he was doing.
after the tuning thing, we played magic the gathering, the
most boring game in the world....(right next to "no fuck
you") ah well, better then goin out getting piss drunk and
finding a hot man to....wait maybe not. =D

anyhow im off to bed, another exhilarating day tomorrow
(School ACK)

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