Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2001-09-16 06:32:30 (UTC)

yeah, okay!?!

okay, yesterday, sucked major donkeys, i am talking about
9/15/01, yeah, chad broke up with me over the phone, yeah,
i figure that if i do open up to another guy, cause this
happens to be the shortest relationship i have ever had, i
may even get a personalized card, cuase lets retrace, dan
broke up with me on the comp, chad on the phone, so i am
aiming for that personalized greating card, yeah, that or
even, an in person thing, wow, that would take guts though
wouldnt it!? but hey, its all good, cuase after i got
ditched, then dumped, i hung out with david, and we slept
together! seriously, and we watched dracula 2000, and we
made instant mashed potatos, it was funny, they look like
dough, and i sculpted them, while he was talking to mark,
so it made him laugh, i am good at that. and then i came
home, yeah, and thats where i am right now, ohh but this
day did start off with a tickle war, and i gave david a hug
and a kiss on the cheak, to wake him up, cause i love
david, its david, we are going to hang at the mall
tomorrow, like all day, cause i am a mallrat tomorrow, ha
ha, fly fat ass, fly! maybe i should bring my homework and
acctually do it!? i havent turned in a late or missed
assignment yet, except for thurs when i was ab. but thats
okay, i guess, and all the homework i missed i made up!

yeah, so over veiw of today:

sucky- sucky- suckier- absoulute sucknessity point-
okay- happy- sleeping- tickle war- home- now