Hg(CNO) 2.2
2001-09-16 06:30:34 (UTC)

shangri-la or bust

do you want to set sail with me?

we can travel far away from here, keep moving until we
are SomePlace ten miles beyond ImagiNation.
Not Here.


we'll pack a Creme de la Creme Library, from Plato to
Proust, current experimentative contemporaries to
ancient Grand Masters...through the late night and early
morning we can take turns reading to one another. it's
best to forewarn you though, even i - the creature that
never falls dormant - might drift off between 2 a.m. and
unbearably beautiful prose for this sort of effortless
absorption is indulgent, it allows me to forget, it lets
me sleep.
if you can write, if you have that talent, perhaps you
could write for me? etch the few good things we left
behind in text so that longing can be soothed by
lexicon. feed me novels by paragraph spoonfuls: full
Page Platters equate adipogenesis at its best. gluttony
and greed fertilizate my addiction to great writing...
move me with words and i am yours.
the only benefit i can boast is my dual purpose existence
as not only a prokaryotic agent of photosynthesis but also
a mortal swiss-army conglomeration of all nine muses.


music, of course. no utopian NeverEver land would be
complete with out it. scratch, skiffle, scat, soca, swing.
bluebeat and bluegrass. bebop. doo-wop.
(a-wop-bam-boo.) aleatory, bossa nova, calypso y
disco, Electronic Fusion, goa, high life, indie, juju, klezmer,
lullaby, motown, New Age Organic Polka (frightful),
quartet, rock-and-shock abilites, thrash, urban, versed
worldbeat, and Xylophonic Youth Zydeco (very rare, folks).
make your own charming-as-hell adaptations of Sinatra
Kareoke. we'll dance despite the fact neither of us can,
insanely entertaining each other by gawky spasms and
anti-suave sidesteps. watch me as i unashamedly
serenade you with hideous show tunes in a pair of
socks and an oversized button down shirt.
p.s. play the guitar and i will listen for hours.

The Compromise

i'll teach you how to feel, you remind me how to live.

wake, from your sleep*
the drying of your tears *
today we escape *
we escape *
pack, and get dressed*
before all hell breaks loose *
breathe, keep breathing *
don't lose your nerve *
breathe, keep breathing *
i can't do this alone *
sing us a song, a song to keep us warm *
there's such a chill, such a chill *