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2003-01-27 02:22:59 (UTC)

Josh and Snow

January 26, 2003
I can't even believe how much I actually like work
now, it's just amazing. Too bad it has nothing to do with
work and everything to do with Josh. I am having major
issues with him, he's perfect. First, we are just so cute
together (I really think I'm going to get sick if I hear
how cute we are again). Second, he is the perfect
height. Third, oh that would be the kissing. I really
feel like I'm in a movie. I didn't even know kisses could
be like this, but oh yes, they are. It is just so good that
it's moive worthy. So Josh and I were in the
instructors room and he told me that he is going to buy
me a phone card for my cell phone because I need one and I
was going to get one last night but I forgot all about
it. I told him that I was planning on getting on tomorrow
(which I am) and he's like no I'll get you one. Totally
sweet yes, but why does it bother me so much? So I have
come to the realization that I don't do well with spending
other people's money. I told him that and he told me that I'd
better get use to it. How lucky am I? Not only does he
want to buy me stuff, he is the perfect kisser, he has my
picture in his wallet (and he shows it to everyone), he
gives me his jacket to wear when I am cold (i know, so
sweet), he goes out to my car in the cold to see if I left
my cell phone out there, he is just the best. Someone
needs to make sure that I don't ruin this for myself
because I am liable to try to because I am stupid.
The roads were so bad last night when I left Camelback, I
thought that Gwenny (for all of you who don't know, Gwenny is my
car, yes I love my car enough to name her) and I would not make it
home. It took me 45 minutes but I did make it, yay! I really just
hate the snow. Every other car can drive in the snow except for my
car. It is very unfair. But then again my car is unusually
beautiful so I guess that is not fair to other ugly cars out there.
That makes me happy.

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