My Reality
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2003-01-27 01:48:52 (UTC)


Steve is a guy that embarresingly enough, i met online.
but thank god i did. i have nothing but good things to say
about steve, and i can honestly say that this is the frist
time i have described a date to my mother and she truely
approved. Steve is 22, 5'10, blonde hair and blue eyes,
and fucking cute. He has all of the things a girl SHOULD
look for in a date. Friday night, steve drove two hours to
boone from charlotte, ok mainly to see his buddies, but
managed to squeeze me in, he told me he would call when he
was driving up to let me know when was a good time to get
together, and he did!!! can you believe it. he called me
and let me know he was coming, called and let me know when
he was there.....i walked down to get him, and was greeted
by a big hello hug. it was so sweet. we went up to the
room just to talk and feel more at ease. he then escorted
me like a true gentleman to his car, letting me hold onto
his arms o i didnt bust my ass on the ice. we went to
dinner at pepper's and get this, he paid, not only did he
pay but he left a really nice tip, i was impressed. we had
good conversation about religion, our families, and just
personal preferences in general. then we drove back to my
dorm, and he came up to watch a movie with me. with much
anguish he picked a movie from my mob of chick flicks. we
laid in te floor and watched a bit of the movie, and
then......YES, he kissed was so sweet, he wasnt
trying to attack me he wasnte forcing himself on me he was
just behaving and being a complete gentleman caressing my
face and stroking my hair. it was great. we made out for
a while with complete ease. i couldnt believe it, i have
never felt so comfortable making out wtih someone before.
usually there are those jitters that make you act like a
moron. nope not here, everything just fell into place. it
was great...ok so he had to leave, i walked him downstairs,
and can you believe it, he kissed me, thats right he kissed
me in public, i almost fell over. ok ok, so i went bac
upstairs i was exhausted....not too long after he left, i
got a phone call, it was him. he just wanted to say
FOR SO MANY was so sweet, he wanted to see if
we could set something up for the next day...of course i
was cool with it...
saturday was completely perfect...get that it was freakin
perfect...he ordered us a pizza, we watched some of
ghostbusters, a movie i had to hunt down so he wouldnt have
to watch a chick flick, and then that was it, we were in no no..we didnt sleep together, actually far from
it, we just made out, and kinda layed in each others arms,
it was so sweet....he has anice body and i love curling up
next to it, he is a great kisser, very romantic kind of guy
loves to caress my face when we kiss and play with my hair,
oh god is was so sweet, he held my hand and gave me a back
rub, he was just all in all a great person to spend the
evening with, i even let it slip that i thought he was a
keeper, thats right, major screwup, hopefully it didnt
freak him out too bad...i mean obviously it didnt, he is
possibly coming up in another two weeks to just spend time
with great is that...he is just a really great guy
that i can honestly see myself with, i dont know what his
plans are what hes looking for, just someone to date, or
something serious, either way, i want to continue seeing
him, and where ever he wants to take it is ok with me...i
honestly like the idea of there being something serious
between us....i could really be happy with this guy, god
who couldnt, he is just the kind of guy you want to be with
and show off, lets just hope things work out the
mean time, i cant wait till he comes up again, i wanna make
him dinner!!! (hint to all boys, this is a big sign girls
like you, they spend lots of time energy and money on a
dinner for you, its a big step in showing you they care, it
leaves them open for criticism, and shows that all they
want to do is try and make you happy!)