humming bird

my F***ed up head
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2003-01-27 01:23:06 (UTC)


well me and jason are fine, we've een fine, i thnk we're
doing pretty good- 3 weex and only one fight, thats not
bad, but part of me doesnt want to be with him and part of
me does- so im going with the part that does and trying to
make it work and see how long it can last. maybe that isnt
the smartes thing or maybe its just me putting in effort,
wishing things could be the way they were a year ago and
that i could love him the way i did a year ago.....maybe
i'm wishing for something that isnt gonna happen, maybe i
actually am past the point in my life where i need him,
where he is everything to me.... stevo was better and now i
dont want to settle for him but i am becuz i've wanted him
for so long and i have him now, im not gonna take advantage
of that because as long as im still happy with im, ill stay
with him an part of me still loves him and thats enough for
me, its enough for a reason to try

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