who knows
2003-01-27 01:19:16 (UTC)


well i havent written in awhile and so much has gone on, i
have 2 people who want to be with me and that i want to be
with. but i cant choose. one (devon) is fun, sweet,
loving, would take care of me for the rest of my life if i
asked him. already he wants to spend the rest of his life
with me. the other (andrew) is also fun, and loving, has a
little rebel-kind-of streak, and is a wicked smartass.
both are great around my son. i told devon that i wanted
to be alone for awhile and he understands. i just dont
want to break anyones heart. so the way i see it i should
not date either of them that way no one gets hurt as much
as they could. very complicated. seems to me i have to
sit down and figure this one out by myself. ok i really
need to stop thinking about this for awhile and just think
happy thoughts. ya right