The UnEven Eye
2001-09-16 05:11:53 (UTC)

Friendships. Bleh?

Lets see tongight. Later Atleast I brome up a friendship
with a good friend. But I felt nothing. Am I now
heartless?. I guess so. I dun think she even cared. She
didn't even make a reply towards me. So. I mean, if she
doens't care why should I. I just want to say. she
can go suck a camel.

I think I am heartless, and none of my good friends
are on that i could talk to. So I don't know. *sighs*.

To top this off. My normal friend keep pusihing me
away. Its horrible. I think that hurts. Oh well. I
don't think They Like me, anyway. I think I will go
for a drive, Take that leap. Now that it seems like a
good idea. Nothing better to do either.

See ya.

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