CrAzY LiFe!!
2001-09-16 05:03:12 (UTC)


Hey people whoever reads this must have a sad life!! I do
cuz I write in this crappy thing but oh well!!! I'm so
fuckin happy!!Cuz ok first off....I had to go to my stupid
parade it was all cold and raining but oh well! I got to
see Mark!! yay!! Well after that we went and picked Krista
up....and went to my house and ate lunch...then left there
around 2:30 and went 2 the store and saw Mark cuz he was
workin and asked him if he was going 2 the festival and
stuff then went 2 go get Shrai then to the festival and it
was all raining so we were there 4 like and hour or so or
an hour 1/2....then came home it was me shari and Krista
and we chilled in my room! fun fun! The did bout nothing
and left the house around 7:40 and go to the festival bout
8 then chilled there and talked 2 people and walked around
and rode like 2 rides then Mark finally showed up and shair
and Krista walked around somewhere I dunno where and it
was Sara and Ben and Mark so we rode some rides Mark gave
me like 8 tickets....and it was Mark and me once and Sara
and Ben and on the srambler I was chewing on one of those
glow stick things u put in ur mouth and it broke open and
it tasted like shit! So Mark was like do u want something 2
drink then and i said yea! Cuz it was like burning my
tounge off! So we went over 2 the place 2 get something 2
drink and he all got out his wallet and I was like its ok
I'll pay 4 it and he was like dont worry about it i got it
and he goes "NO!" i was like ok!! then I go well heres a
dollar u can have it. and he stuck it back in my pocket and
he won a prize 4 me its a dragon so i named it puff the
magic dragon its the shit! so I feel bad cuz i used like
all his money! So anyways his mom brough us home around
9:45 and he cam in and saw my room and while i was going
pee Krista asked him if he liked me and he just is likea ll
smiling and he goes what? and she goes I asked u if u like
Tiffany and he said yea and he was smiling! and she goes
good cuz she likes u 2 hehe! But then I came in the room so
I get online and he gets on. Then I was just messing around
and I typed Will u go out with me I really like u! then
deleted it all and Krista goes no u should really write
that I was like "NO!" shes like yea she goes dont look turn
ur had and I was like no ur gunna say something then and
she goes just do it so i turn my head and when i look back
it says I have a question 2 ask u and he goes yea and she
goes will u go out with me? and guess what he
said..........:(hehe he said yes!!! I'm really happy 2!!!
but I was like god Krista!!! EEERRR! So me and Mark are
going out now! yea...look what he wrote hes sooo sweet!!
Me: I'm gunna pay u back 4 all that stuff u spent ur money
on I'll guve u like 10 $
Mark: no way i wont lot u dont worry bout it im the one
who offered u
Mark: im sorry but i got to get off im goin to like pass
out what ur # so i can call u tomorrow or u me but id still
like it so i could talk to u sometimes I love him!! hehe! I
dunno he wants 2 do something tomorrow or sometime but I
dont think i can even though I really want 2!! But I gotta
go its late and I'm tired!! so later!