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2003-01-27 00:37:00 (UTC)

new keyboard

YES!!!!!!! we finally got a new keyboard!! i am sooo
excited, the days of copy and paste are over!!! whoo-hooo!

sunday night. blah. my parents are watching the superbowl,
but i don't particularly care. i'm just avoiding studying
for english exam tomorrow. but i don't have a chorus exam,
so i have 2 hours with jennifer to study for english righ
before the exam, so i probably won't end up studying
tonight at all. and i'll probably regret it, too! but hey.
i am soo ready for a break from school. and we haven't even
been back that long. and it's totally depressing to think
that we don't get another break until spring break! that's
almost 3 months! that's gross!

hmmm. oh yeah, so i babysat last night for these 2 adorable
kids. and i got paid $30 for babysitting 4 hours! i dunno
about you, but that seems like a lot for me! maybe i'm just
ignorant about these things though...

well don't really have anything else to say....except it's
gonna be cold as a beast tomorrow and i hafta walked home
cause our stupid car is NEVER gonna be fixed, at least at
the rate it's going now. so of course i was complaining to
my dad and i got the whole schpiel about how when he was my
age he had to work 14 miles home from school in 12 feet of
snow...uphill...barefoot...yadda yadda yadda. not true, of


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