Another Chapter In Life
2000-11-06 11:33:00 (UTC)

November 6, 2000 My weekend was..

November 6, 2000

My weekend was typical. I spent most of it preparing for another week
of work and school. Had to get all the laundry caught up so everyone
would have clean clothes for the week. Then came the typical stuff.
Dishes, vaccum, dust, etc. Oh, and the worst part, grocery shopping.
That is my least favorite chore.

My husband spent most of the weekend out usual. Saturday
morning he took off with my brother in law and I didn't see him again
until 2:30 Sunday morning. The only reason I saw him then was because
I woke up and went to the restroom. He was asleep on the couch. Then
Sunday morning he was off with my brother in law again 4 wheeling. He
certainly spends more time with my brother in law than his family. I
don't mind him doing things but its every single weekend. Never miss!
Its just getting old. I cooked us a really nice dinner on Saturday
but of course he was not around to eat with the children and I. He
never gets a hot meal anymore. Yeah, I cook but he's never here to
eat when its done.

Its Monday morning so its back to work. I'm ready.

The kids are getting ready for school.

My husband has already left for work. He's going out of town for the
week. It might sound bad but, I'm glad. I don't think a break from
our spouse is necessarily a bad thing sometimes. In fact, it probably
can help a marriage. I think it will mine.