My life in a nutshell
2003-01-26 23:44:11 (UTC)

Busy as a bee....

I know that I haven't been writing in here for a while. My
life has been too hectic to worry about this. I'm
beginning to realize that Elise was right when she said
that I will begin to hate school after this semester... I
already hate it! It's way too much work and I'm behind in
my notes... which is quite strange for me....
I saw Elise today... she came down for the weekend and I
spent some of the afternoon with her... her mom made me
dinner and she made me lunch.... :-) Yum!
There's really nothing to report... went swimming this
morning... yuck! Yesterday, work was hell to say the
least. That damn computer virus made my, along with the
whole store's life a living hell. Oh well, that's over
That's it for now. My new computer is already acting up...
basically, I'm too fast for this beast... and the Internet
is still slow and will barely work... must be shaw... damn
I'll post again when I have something better to say...
while I continue to wait for Mike's newest post.... a
whole week without a new post... something must be wrong
with him... he's actually working! LOL... naw.... knowing
him, he just has more important things to do than to
update everyone on his life!


*AHHHHHHH!!! Avril Lavigne is coming to Calgary April 23rd! I wanna
go! I just need to find someone to go with!*